About us

Swadeshi Taxi – Taxi Hailing APP, is a Business Venture belong to M/s. Mera Desh Mera Haque Services LLP, Mumbai. It is a Social Organisation who works for welfare and wellbeing of lower class of working community.

Swadeshi Taxi is one such initiative by this organisation for the upliftment of driver’s community in India. It is that class of society who relentlessly work very hard but find it difficult to survive & grow in the long run. The company is charging very minimal commission to this individual driver and in return provides basic necessities of life like affordable housing, discounted healthcare facilities, accidental insurance, Free community centres for organising family functions, Free education to poor and needy etc.

The Social Organisation protects earning rights of under privileged so that they live with respect and lot of dignity in the society. The company shall undertake many such initiatives in future for welfare of economically backward class of people & communities.

Swadeshi Taxi , a popular mobile app for transportation, integrates city transportation for customers and driver partners onto a mobile technology platform. we ensure convenient, transparent and quick service fulfillment using technology to make transportation hassle free for everyone. The company’s customer-oriented philosophy and its commitment to service are reflected in the careful selection of drivers and the comprehensive training program. Customers can expect the following high standards when they travel with Swadeshi Taxi

· Clean & Hygienic environment
· Friendly and Polite Drivers
· Safety & Security of Family
· Best Route taken as per Traffic Conditions for faster commute

How it Works:

Download the “Swadeshi Taxi” Mobile APP & Register as a User

Already a user? Great! Login to the app, through your mobile device. Now simply book a ride!

Ready. Set. GO

Now just pick the car type that best suits your style or mood, choose from Mini, Sedan or SUVs. Type in your drop-off location, we will then automatically detect your location using real-time GPS system. Should you decide to use a different pick-up location? No problem, just edit and confirm!

Track your driver in real-time

Want to know where your Swadeshi Taxi driver is? You can call your driver or track his moves, or simply sit back and relax; we will send you a notification when your driver arrives at your desired location.

Payment couldn’t be easier

When you set up your Swadeshi Taxi account, select your payment method. We take payment via Cash, credit / debit card and e-wallet. We will process your payment once you arrive safe and sound, and e-mail you a receipt, no need for clutter in your pocket. Payment made easy!

How was it?

Now, just rate your driver, and let us know how everything went. These ratings, help us monitor and improve our service, we want to ensure you only get the best!

With Swadeshi Taxi, Enjoy the Delightful and Safe Riding Experience!!!